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Uploaded on Mar 14, 2007    66,597 views    1,820
Tags: Hot girls, Scott, Sex
Description:This farm girl won 85 beauty pageant crowns, then topped that by appearing on HBO's Entourage. Actor posses have all the luck, dammit. Now see her...
Uploaded on Mar 14, 2007    51,362 views    1,020
Tags: Hot girls, Rachel, Sex
Description:Here's "1 Thing" you didn't know about this half-Korean, half-African-American singershe was in First Daughter! For years Rachel hosted Maxim's...
Uploaded on Mar 14, 2007    40,572 views    665
Tags: Hot girls, Ciara, Sex
Description:With a hit record and the upcoming movie Rumble, she's on track to reach her ultimate goal: "to be a combination of Diddy and Oprah." Let's hope...
Uploaded on Mar 14, 2007    15,257 views    383
Tags: Hot girls, Simmons, Sex
Description:This Guess model and Alias stunner is an Ivy League grad, which must be why she was so good in Dumb and Dumberer.A standout from our 2006 swimsuit...
Tami >>
Uploaded on Mar 14, 2007    11,121 views    186
Tags: Hot girls, Tami, Sex
Description:This battle-tested, Diddy-approved singer is a key ingredient in Making the Band. She's so hot she can cook herself.Ever since her Baywatch days,...
Uploaded on Mar 14, 2007    10,721 views    262
Tags: Hot girls, Tricia, Sex
Description:This Battlestar Galactica babe has also done campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Chanel, and Armani. It's OK, Trish, you'll get that Sears catalog yet.
Uploaded on Mar 14, 2007    9,483 views    143
Tags: Hot girls, Chilli, Sex
Description:James Blake may never be the No. 1 tennis player, but his girl Jenny is a grand slam. Somewhere Roger Federer is crying. MySpace's most popular...
Uploaded on Mar 14, 2007    8,536 views    182
Tags: Hot girls, Brady, Sex
Description:This former model turned Tom Brady arm candy will appear in the upcoming thriller Unknown, about five guys who wake up in a creepy warehouse and...
Uploaded on Mar 14, 2007    7,584 views    116
Tags: Hot girls, Burke, Sex
Description:After playing a starchy carbohydrate in Burger King's Super Bowl commercial, Brooke will host CBS's reality show Rock Star: INXS this summer.
Uploaded on Mar 14, 2007    6,269 views    98
Tags: Hot girls, Natasha, Sex
Description:You get dumped and sit around the house eating Cheetos. She gets dumped and makes millions of dollars for starring in the upcoming The Break-Up. So...
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